Anika ‘Change’ video directed by Sven Gutjahr

For our first issue we interviewed Annika Henderson, aka Anika, about her return to solo music. Now, she’s about to release her latest album Change. It’s out Friday 23 July on Sacred Bones and Invada and is only her second solo album since 2010.

Following her debut, Anika formed the band Exploded View, collaborated with Dave Clarke, Shackleton, and Tricky, and soundtracked Jil Sander’s Women’s Fall/Winter 2021 fashion show. Here’s a look at some of the best songs she’s put out along the way.


The opening track from her debut album, Anika’s version of Terry is fairly true to…

Part of the appeal of a Mo’ Wax release, other than the music, is their amazing artwork, and the label became famous for their visually appealing packaging. This series will take a a brief look at some of the artists who worked with Mo’ Wax between 1992–2003.

Build And Destroy logo by Gio (2014)

Giovanni Estevez, or Gio, is an American artist and skateboarder who has collaborated with Mo’ Wax and James Lavelle several times throughout his career.

His name is synonymous with Supreme, and rightfully so. Gio became the clothing brands first employer after founder James Jebia opened his New York store in April 1994, and…

Welcome to the first issue of The Shadow Knows. Each issue will feature articles on musicians new and old, and whatever else catches our fancy. There’s already a lot planned for issue two, but first let’s look at what we’ve got for you now:

Jack McDuff — He’s the jazz organist who helped discover guitarist George
Benson, and also released fantastic albums on Prestige and Blue Note. But as with most of the jazz organists not named Jimmy Smith, his story has remained mostly unknown.

Zenith Records, Australia’s Record Presses, & How To Press A Record — We visited the…

Annika Henderon in her Finger Pies video (2021) directed by Sven Gutjahr & Annika Henderson

Annika Henderson is a musician, poet, journalist, film maker, DJ, radio host….the list goes on. In 2010 she released her debut album under the name Anika with Geoff Barrow’s band Beak>. The album featured covers of The Kinks I Go To Sleep and Yoko Ono’s Yang Yang alongside originals of her own. Next, Annika formed the band Exploded View who released two albums, and she also found time to collaborate with people like Tricky, Dave Clarke, and Sam Shackleton.

At the start of 2021 fashion house Jil Sander released a video for their Women’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection featuring new music…

For this first issue of The Shadow Knows our reviews focus on what I was reading and listening to as I put this issue together. Below the music you will find two reviews of books by David Toop which I was reading as research for my interview with him, and two photography books.



Sofia Kourtesis — La Perla
2021 Ninja Tune

Absolutely beautiful club tune from the EP Fresia Magdalena. I love when vocal samples are used as an instrument, and this track really does a great job of building up and pairing back all of its elements while a…

Zenith’s studio, with lathe cutter in centre.

In 1982 the first CD player was sold, and the world began to move away from vinyl records. Record pressing plants around the world shut down, and the companies who owned them did their best to make sure no one else would revive the format. It’s been said that EMI in New Zealand threw their pressing machines into the sea, but others fared slightly better, and though record pressing became less popular, it has continued on.

In the last 30 years Australia has generally only had one or two companies pressing vinyl across the entire country. One of those was…

Perhaps best known for his work with guitarist George Benson, and later being sampled on A Tribe Called Quests’ Scenario, “Brother” Jack McDuff released around 70 albums across labels such as Prestige, Atlantic, Blue Note, Chess and Concord Jazz.

While he experimented with different styles, McDuff stuck with the organ for most of his career and continued releasing music up until his death in 2001.

Photograph by Don Schlitten for Screamin’ (1962)

Born in Champaign, Illinois on September 17 1926, Eugene McDuffy is best known under his professional name Jack McDuff, cutting the Y from McDuffy because “it just didn’t swing”. …

Marden Hill, sometime in the 90s circa their US debut.

April this year saw the release of a new “lost” album from Marden Hill, an Englsih acid jazz group led by Mark Daniels who had disbanded in the 1990s.

Following their debut album Cadaquéz in 1988, Marden Hill released Sixty Minute Man in Japan, which was then remixed slightly for its UK release as Blown Away in 1994. This was then released in the US as Hijacked, with an altered tracklisting again.

A third album of new material was recorded for Dave Stewart’s Anxious Records, but problems at the label left the album unreleased until now.

Following the rediscovery of…

Rap Attack (1984) by David Toop — Photography by Patricia Bates

David Toop is an English journalist and musician whose work has appeared in The Wire, The Times, and The Face. His first book Rap Attack was one of the earliest to be published on hip hop, and he has since published books on improvisation, exotica, and ambient music.

David is also an important member of the improvisational and experimental music scene, and has released albums on labels such as Obscure, Sub Rosa, and Room40, among others. Here we discussed his early experiences with hip hop, and writing Rap Attack.

Before Rap Attack you were the co-editor of Collusion magazine, and…

Mo’ Wax was a record label started by James Lavelle in 1992. It was an indie label best remembered for helping to popularise trip hop music, and was home to DJ Shadow, Money Mark, Luke Vibert, and Lavelle’s own UNKLE project.

UNKLE’s The Time Has Come EP in UK Albums Chart (Source: Official Charts)

Success in the charts doesn’t always mean you’re making the best music of your era, but it is an interesting indication of what the public are buying. Especially before the 2000’s when charts data was based on the sale of CDs and vinyl.

James Gaunt

An Australian writer with a passion for research. In 2020 he published Making Psyence Fiction, a book on the creation of UNKLE’s debut album.

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