Mo’ Wax and the Arts

James Gaunt
3 min readJan 1, 2020

Mo’ Wax Records ran from 1992–2002, and during that time they released a wide range of records, many of which featured striking artwork. The label collaborated with artists such as Swifty, Futura, Stash, Sk8thing, and B+, so it’s no surprise that Mo’ Wax and founder James Lavelle also sponsored several art exhibitions over the years. Here are a few a notable examples:


In 1995 Mo’ Wax and Michael Kopelman’s Gimme Five presented Icongraffiti, an exhibition of work by Eric Haze.

The exhibition collected work Haze had created for Def Jam artists such as Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, with logos and graphics Haze had produced for streetwear brands.

The exhibition later toured around the world to Japan.

Further details: UNKLE Wiki


Also in 1995, Mo’ Wax presented Dysfunctional, an exhibition of Skateboard Art & Design.

The exhibition included artists Terry Richardson, Mike Mills, and Phil Frost, the later of which created the artwork for DJ Shadow’s Preemptive Strike.

Further details: UNKLE Wiki

Dolce Visualis

In 1996 Mike Mills exhibited his Dolce Visualis exhibition around the world, bringing it to London in August thanks to Mo’ Wax.

The exhibition featured artworks from Mills which were included in his Visual Sampler project for Mo’ Wax, also released in 1996. The Visual Sampler was a series of posters sold in a 12" packaging and intended to sit with your record collection.

Further details: UNKLE Wiki

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